Seminar Series: UNCG University Speaking Center , Friday, 02/02/2018, 11:00 A.M.

Kim Cuny holds faculty appointments in both Communication Studies and Theatre at UNCG and she is Faculty Director of The University Speaking Center

Erin Harrison is faculty in Communication Studies at UNCG and Associate Director of The University Speaking Center

Taylor Williams is a Research Associate at The University Speaking Center

Title:  Exploring the intersections of Communication & Science/Engineering


Cuny, Harrison, & Williams have been supporting JSNN students and faculty formally and informally for over a year. In this introduction to the science communication work being done at UNCG, participants are guaranteed a new experience which will lead to a better understanding of the role that connecting with an audience plays in all communication.   

The University Speaking Center, in collaboration with the Departments of Biology and Communication Studies, have offered hands-on workshops on Scientific Communication over the past year. The goal of these programs is to help scientists and students of science communicate better among themselves, with policy makers, and with the general public. Thanks to a UNCG INNOVATE grant, these presenters will be at JSNN somewhat regularly throughout the spring semester.

This seminar will provide an interactive and engaging introduction to most of the people involved and their praxis.