Charged Particle Microscopy

  • Zeiss Auriga Crossbeam FIB-FESEM with STM, GIS and EDX
  • Zeiss Evo Environmental SEM with cool-stage and EDX
  • Zeiss Libra 120 TEM with EELS
  • Zeiss Orion Helium Ion Microscope (HIM)
  • Hitachi S4800 FE-SEM with EDX

Sample Preparation

  • Leica ACE200 Sample Coater with planetary stage, plasma, metal and carbon deposition
  • Southbay PC2000 Plasma Cleaner
  • Buehler MetaServ 250 Grinder-Polisher
  • Model 590 Tripod Polisher for TEM
  • SC Fluids CPD110 Critical Point Dryer

Advanced Optical Microscopy

  • Zeiss Axio Spinning Disc Confocal Fluorescence Microscope with Live Cell Imaging
  • Zeiss Axio Imager Z2.m upright fluorescent materials microscope
  • Zeiss Axio Observer inverted phase contrast microscope

Probe Microscopy

  • Agilent 5600 LS Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with Scanning Microwave Microscopy
  • Hysitron TI950 Nanoindenter with SPM
  • Nanoscience TRAX STM