Sung-Jin Cho, Ph.D.

Sung-Jin Cho, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Nanoengineering

Phone: (336) 285-2857

Curriculum Vitae: PDF, March 2018

Prof. Sungjin Cho’s research interest focuses on nanotechnology for energy storage material which is essential to move forward in the future. New design of nanomaterial will make all energy storage devices cost-competitive, safe and durable. Nowadays, most nanomaterial is designed to achieve a higher energy and power or other electrochemical performances. However, there are many difficulties found when we use the nanomaterial for energy storage application so it is the time to reconsider and redesign the nanomaterial to fit into energy storage application such as battery, super-capacitor and fuel cell. His goals are to design, synthesize and analyze new structural nanoarchitectured energy storage materials for multiple applications.

Topics of Interest:

  1. Hybrid Solid-Plastic/Solid Polymer Electrolyte (Nissan and Korean Government)
  2. Nanoporous/Nanodense Functional Layer Using Plasma Enhanced ALD (Air Force Research Lab)
  3. SiNA (Silicon Nano Alloy) Nanocomposite Anode Engineering (Biosolar, Inc.)
  4. Flexible, Wearable & Textile High Energy Storage Material & Device Design (Air Force Research Lab)
  5. Multifunctional Nanostructured Material Design and Its Solid-State Battery Application (Daimler Benz)



  • Nano Manufacturing 2017 Conference Poster Award (2ND Place Winner)
  • • ACS NC Division Poster Competition Award (1st Place Winner, Mar. 2017)
  • North Carolina A&T State University Research Excellent Rookie of the Year Award (May. 2016)
  • • Nano Manufacturing 2016 Conference Poster Award (1st Place Winner)
  • • Nano Manufacturing 2015 Conference Poster Award (1st and 2ND Place)
  • • 3M Young Faculty Award Nominated in 2015
  • • North Carolina A&T State University Faculty Start-Up and Travel Award in 2014
  • • Johnson Controls Research Innovation Reward in 2013
  • • Johnson Controls Research Innovation Reward in 2012
  • • Certificate of Recognition, APAN, Johnson Controls in 2012
  • • US R&D 100 Awards in 2009. (Marquette Univ. & Paradigm Sensor)


  • Sung-Jin Cho*, “Ch.3: Review of Nano Technology for Cathode Materials in Batteries in EMERGING NANOTECHNOLOGIES IN RECHARGABLE ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS, Contribute Author*, Elsevier. April. 2016


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Dr. Cho’s Research Team

Dr. Jong Soo Cho Ph.D.


Pankaj Alaboina

Prelithiated Si-Fe-Mn Alloy for High Energy Lithium Ion

Dr. Seongki Ahn Ph.D.


Alla Letfullina

Hybrid Solid State Electrolyte

Mehrab Valizadehderakhshan


Dr. Jongsung Park Ph.D.


Reginald Goodwin


Smith Woosley

3D Printed Battery

Md-Jamal Uddin

Multiphase Cathode

James Knoop

Lithium Sulfur Battery