The purpose of this certificate program is to train and educate students from around the country in concepts related to the design of micro and nano, understanding their properties, and the knowledge needed to correlate these properties to their function. The education and training gained by the students will provide them with the skills needed to acquire employment opportunities in various industries, including medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries. It will also prepare them for careers in government agencies and advanced graduate studies in science, technology, and engineering.

Contact the Department of Nanoengineering at jsnninfo@ncat.uncg.edu

Certificate Program Requirements:

Degree Requirements: Total Credit Hours: 12 credits
Core Courses (6 credits):
NANO 702  Fundamentals of Nanoengineering: Physical Principles
NANO 721  Nanobioelectronics

Technical Electives (6 credits): Select from 2 of the following:
NANO 821   Advanced Nanosystems
NANO 823  Compound semiconductor and nanostructured devices
NANO 827   Solid State Devices

Students may select to substitute any of the above courses with an alternate course, with approval from the Advisor.