The Graduate Certificate program in Systems and Synthetic Biology is an interdisciplinary program that combines concepts from the life sciences, computing, and engineering fields and requires a converging technologies training approach.

The field of systems and synthetic biology is expected to be a $5 Billion industry within the next decade. This program aims to train and educate students to prepare for research and careers in this field.

Certificate Program Requirements:

Degree Requirements: Total Credit Hours: 12 credits
Core Courses (6 credits):
NANO 703  Fundamentals of Nanoengineering: Chemical and Biochemical Principles
NANO 706  Systems and Computational Biology

Technical Electives (6 credits): Select 2 courses from the following list of options:
NANO 781    Intro to Synthetic Biology
NANO 782   Techniques in Synthetic Biology
NANO 881   Nanosynthetic Biology
NANO 882   Advanced Biomedical Nanomaterials

Students may select to substitute any of the above courses with an alternate course, with approval from the Advisor.