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Faculty Highlight: Jianjun Wei, Ph.D.

Jianjun WeiJSNN is proud to highlight Jianjun Wei, Ph.D., for an outstanding Fall 2019 semester of research and speaking engagements. Some of his recent accomplishments are listed below.

11/05/2019 Dr. Wei was invited to give a seminar entitled: “Plasmon-Exciton Coupling Effect in Metallic Nanoslits on Energy Conversion” at the Department of Physics, University of North Texas.

11/03/2019 Research paper: “High Quantum Yield Fluorescent Carbon Nanodots for Detection of Fe(III) Ions and Electrochemical Study of Quenching Mechanism” was accepted for publication in Talanta. Congratulations.

06/30/2019 Dr. Wei as PI was awarded a subcontract from 3iNanotech Inc. through NSF SBIR Phase I: A Chip-based Nanosensor for Troponin T Detection in Human Blood, effective on July 15. Congratulations!

06/21/2019 Dr. Wei as Co-PI (PI-Rathnayake) was awarded DOD HBCU/MSI Instrumentation: Acquisition of a High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope for Interdisciplinary Graduate Research and Educational Training, $599,000. Congratulations!

06/18/2019 Research paper: “Plasmon enhanced fluorescence of carbon nanodots in gold nanoslit cavities” was accepted for publication in Langmuir. Congratulations!

Interested in contacting Dr. Wei about his research? He can be reached at