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Environmental Science Research and Leadership at the JSNN

The American Chemical Society (ACS), founded in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress, is one of the world’s largest scientific organizations, with a membership of over 151,000 and an active presence in 140 countries.  ACS has 32 technical divisions that provide expertise and networking opportunities in all traditional and interdisciplinary areas of chemistry, including biochemical technology, business development & management, catalysis, cellulose and renewable materials, energy & fuels, and geochemistry.  The Division of Environmental Chemistry (ENVR) offers programming and other opportunities for community engagement to advance environmental research, development, technology, and education in applying chemistry to understanding and solving environmental and sustainability issues and challenges.

Dr. Sherine Obare, Dean of the JSNN, is currently serving as Chair of the ENVR Division, which represents the field of environmental chemistry to other researchers and the public, and leads the exchange of technical information in symposia, webinars and workshops.  It also provides training and professional development in the field of environmental chemistry, guides national (U.S.) and international environmental policy, and actively recognizes scientists for excellence in the field and exemplary professional service.  Therefore, it is not surprising that environmental science and sustainability is an area of active research at the JSNN, where several faculty members are investigating new materials for the detection and remediation of environmental pollutants, and the design and preparation of novel nanomaterials for advanced applications in energy harvesting, conversion, and storage.  For a short introductory video to ENVR and its mission, see: