Flexible Working Relationship

Flexible Working Relationship

Research Relationships

Each NIC member has unique research needs. Over the years we have developed a wide variety of research relationships that are mutually beneficial. The Dean would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your particular needs.

JSNN Access

NIC members that are heavy users of JSNN tools and facilities may choose to locate or co-locate facilities at Gateway Research Park. That is one of the benefits of JSNN being located at Gateway Research Park.

VF Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, needed frequent and immediate access to JSNN tools and laboratories. VF has chosen to maintain a significant research presence and having their own laboratories located next door to the JSNN. “A constant focus on innovation has enabled VF to remain a leader in the apparel industry for more than 115 years, and our Global Innovation Center strategy accelerates our innovation agenda to guide us into the future,” said Eric Wiseman, VF’s Chairman, President and CEO. “Partnering with Gateway University Research Park allows us to combine the universities’ world-class talent and research equipment with our expertise to deliver consistent, breakthrough innovation for consumers globally.”

Gateway Research Park is currently developing the 3 building on the South Campus. The third building will cost close to $12 million, cover about 72,000 square feet and rise along Gate City Boulevard next to the Joint School.

Geoff Foster’s CEO of Core Technology Molding Corp. made the decision to relocate his company to Gateway Research Park next to the JSNN building. Core Technologies will occupy about a third of the new building.

Among the company’s products are plastic trim for all BMW cars made worldwide; steering column and mulch covers for Husqvarna tractors; lids and bowls for Rubbermaid food storage containers; and tubes and filters used by Merck to make chicken pox and shingles vaccines.

For Foster, the company’s relocation is a sort of homecoming. It’s near A&T, where Foster earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. (He also got an MBA at Wake Forest University.) He has taught an applied engineering course at A&T for the past decade.