Cleanroom Safety

Safety training requirement

JSNN cleanroom uses several hazardous chemicals, including gases, processes, and equipment that require their own specific hazard review and safety training. To gain access to cleanroom, users must:

  1. Complete the minimum required safety training modules
  • Lab safety training
  • Hazardous waste training
  • Nanomaterials safety training
  1. Complete cleanroom safety training
  2. Fulfill training requirements for the equipment they use. This training is provided by cleanroom manager
  3. Document the entry and reserve equipment on the FOM (Facility Online Manager) system

Molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) system

In addition to the required training modules listed above, all MBE users must enroll in the JSNN Respiratory Protection  Program and fulfill the program requirements.

spill response

 Unlike other research labs, cleanrooms are designed and balanced to maintain positive pressurization. Cleanroom emergency preparedness and response plan must consider this for proper response and evacuation during major spill scenarios.

Equipment used in cleanroom

 Visit JSNN web page for list of equipment used in the cleanroom. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are developed for each equipment, including risks and hazards associated with equipment and required protection.