Nanomaterials Health and Safety Program

This program refers to the procurement, generation, use, distribution, shipment, and disposal of nanomaterials at JSNN research labs. Nanomaterials include any particles or fibers with at least one dimension less than 100 nanometers (0.1 micrometer). All new experiments using nanomaterials must be reviewed and receive written approval by the Research Operations and Environmental Health and Safety (ROEHS) office. Researchers using nanomaterials must also adhere to the following program requirements:

  1. All users must review the Requirements for Working Safely With Nanomaterials at JSNN Research Labs
  2. Users must complete the annual nanomaterials safety training.
  3. Users must perform a written hazard review and develop required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), where health and physical hazards associated with the material, as well as safe handling procedures and protective measures, are described for all users.
  4. PIs must document the processes under their Lab Safety Plan or Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).
  5. Research labs must have access to a functional fume hood and perform all processes involving the use of nanomaterials inside the hood (or a ROEHS-approved exhaust enclosure).

Resources and study references

Please review the following documents for more in-depth information on the safe handling of nanomaterials:

  1. CDC/NIOSH- Safe Nanotechnology in the Workplace
  2. CDC/NIOSH – General Safe Practices for Working with Engineered Nanomaterials in Research Laboratories
  3. OSHA Fact Sheet – Working Safely with Nanomaterials
  4. CDC/NIOSH- Controlling Health Hazards When Working with Nanomaterials
  5. AIHA- Personal Protective Equipment for Engineered Nanoparticles