Research at JSNN

Research at JSNN

Synthetic Biology

“Synthetic biology” is the synthesis of complex, biologically-based or biologically-inspired systems which display functions that do not exist in nature or the re-design of existing natural biological systems for useful purposes and biotechnologies. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines principles of molecular biology, biochemistry, and nanoscience.

Nanomaterials: molecular and structural devices

The research focused on the synthesis, processing, manufacturing, and characterization of nanostructured materials that can be applicable in emerging technologies, medical diagnostics, signaling, and optoelectronics.

Computational nanotechnology

Modeling and simulation of devices, structures, and systems including composite materials, computational biology and material modeling.  

environmental science and sustainability

Explore the environmental impact of nano materials and the knowledge gaps associated with energy harvesting, scavenging, and storage.