Nanoengineering Open House

Nanoengineering hybrid Open House Saturdays Spring 2023


Nanoengineering is the practice of engineering and applied science at the nanoscale, which allows for unique design, building, and structural applications. Nanoengineering covers a variety of disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, in addition to fundamental sciences including biology, chemistry, math, physics and materials.The Nanoengineering graduate degree program prepares students to enter the interdisciplinary workforce—our students are ready to enter a wider variety of engineering, science and/or medical career paths. 

Certficate Programs

Consisting of 4 courses (12 credits) providing a solid conceptual foundation in Nanoscience.

Master's Programs

Competitive program offers thesis and project options that establish fundamental skills for innovation.

Doctorate Programs

Competitive program that offers concentrations with multifaceted research programs or project areas.

Funding Opportunities available!

Open House SaturdayS @JSNN

Please join us for an open house experience to learn more about the Department of Nanoengineering.

Meet the faculty and learn about their research!

Nanoengineering Virtual Open House Saturdays Spring 2023