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Kristen Dellinger

Kristen Dellinger, PhD

About Professor Dellinger

Curriculum Vitae

PDF Version, November 2019

About Kristen Dellinger

Dr. Dellinger is an Assistant Professor in the Nanoengineering department. Her current research is focused on the application of engineering principles to solve challenges in human health and medicine. In particular, she is interested in the development of next-gen surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy techniques to analyze cellular mechanisms that underlie disease pathogenesis, as well as smart biomaterial design. She is active in the SynBio Journal Club at JSNN, serves as an industrial mentor in the NSF iCORPS program and is passionate about engaging youth in STEM careers by early exposure to research.

Selected Publications

Krisfalusi-Gannon J, Ali W, Dellinger K, Robertson L, Brady TE, Goddard MK, … & Dellinger AL (2018). The role of horseshoe crabs in the biomedical industry and recent trends impacting species sustainability. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5, 185. DOI:

Bowey-Dellinger K, Segarra V et al. (2017) An introductory biology laboratory designed to introduce mammalian cell culture and cell viability techniques in the undergraduate laboratory. J Microbiol Biol Educ. 18(2):1-7. DOI:

Bowey K, Tanguay JF, Tabrizian M. (2013) 1,2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine–based liposomal nanoparticles as an effective delivery platform for 17β-estradiol. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. 86 (3): 369 – 375. DOI:

Fatanat Didar T, Bowey K, Guillermina A, Tabrizian M. (2013) A miniaturized platform for rapid, label-free and simultaneous separation, patterning and in vitro culture of primary and rare cells. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 3 (2): 253 – 260. DOI:

Bowey K, Tanguay JF, Tabrizian M. (2012) Liposome technology for cardiovascular disease treatment and diagnosis. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery. 9 (2): 249 – 265. DOI:

Bowey K, Swift B, Flynn LE, Neufeld RJ. (2012) Characterization of biologically active insulin-loaded alginate microparticles by spray drying. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 39 (3): 456 – 465. DOI:

Bowey K, Neufeld R. (2010) Systemic and mucosal delivery of drugs within polymeric microparticles produced by spray drying – Review Article. Biodrugs. 24 (6): 359 – 377. DOI:

Honors & Awards

  • One North Carolina Small Business Program SBIR Matching Funds Program, $50,000 (2019)
  • National Science Foundation, Phase I SBIR Grant, $225,000 (2018-2019)
  • Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada National Level Scholarship (2010-2014)
  • McGill University Entrance Scholarship (2009)
  • Zurbrigg Memorial Graduate Scholarship, Queen’s University (2007)
  • Senator Frank Carrel Upper Year Scholarship, Queen’s University (2006-07)

Classes Taught

NANO 703 – Fundamentals of Nanoengineering: Chemical-Biochemical Principles

NANO 782 – Techniques in Synthetic Biology

NANO 882 – Advanced Biomedical Nanomaterials

Scholarly & Professional Keywords

Biomedical engineering, biomaterials, nanoparticles, synthetic biology