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Reza Zadegan

Reza Zadegan

Reza Zadegan, Ph.D.

About Professor Zadegan

Curriculum Vitae

PDF Version, August 2020


Dr. Zadegan functions as a bridge between disciplines and people. His goal is to blur the lines between disciplines, people, expertise, and socioeconomic status in academia. His team’s research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of nucleic acids-based materials that are applicable in personalized medicine, memory, nanoengineering, and bioengineering.


  • Synthetic Biology We employ the gene expression mechanisms and design synthetic systems to manipulate biological processes.
  • Semiconductor Synthetic Biology We are at the frontier of SemiSynBio effort to drive research and development on national and global scales at the intersection of synthetic biology and semiconductor technology.
  • Nucleic acid memory (NAM) We encode (write), store, and decode (read) digital data in and from nucleic acids as an alternative to silicon-based memory.
  • Personalized Medicine We produce DNA nanostructures that serve as molecular guides for drug delivery, molecular computation, and theranostics (therapeutics and diagnostics).
  • Bioinformatics


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