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Shanthi Iyer

Shanthi Iyer

Shanthi Iyer, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Nanoengineering
  • I106, JSNN
  • (336) 285-3710

About Professor Iyer

Curriculum Vitae

Iyer CV, PDF Version, October 2021

About Shanthi Iyer

Prof. Iyer has been responsible for the initiation and development of NC A&T SU’s state of the art Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Laboratory and associated academic and research programs. She has been a PI of over $10 million in DoD research projects. She was also the Director of the Center of Excellence for Battlefield Capability Enhancements, which focused on developing technologies for environmentally stable flexible panel displays.

Her current research interests are in the molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth, characterization and fabrication of GaAsSb(N) nanowire based infrared photodetectors epitaxially integrated to Si and graphene for next generation photonic devices. This research is cross-disciplinary encompassing solid state physics, nanoengineering, and optoelectronic devices.

Selected Publications

  1. Priyanka Ramaswamy, Shisir Devkota, Rabin Pokharel, Surya Nalamati, Fred Stevie, Keith Jones, Lew Reynolds, and Shanthi Iyer, “A Study of Dopant Incorporation in Te – doped GaAsSb Nanowires using a Combination of XPS/UPS, and C-AFM/SKPM” Scientific Reports, 11, 8329 (14 pages) (2021).
  2. Sean Johnson, Rabin Pokharel, Michael Lowe, Hirandeep Kuchoor, Surya Nalamati, Klinton Davis, Hemali Rathnayake, and Shanthi Iyer, “Study of Patterned GaAsSbN Nanowires using Sigmoidal Model”, Scientific Reports, 11, 4651 (13 pages) (2021)
  3. Surya Nalamati, Shisir Devkota, Jia Li, Robert Lavelle, Benjamin Huet, David Snyder, Aubrey Penn, Roberto Garcia, Lewis Reynolds Jr., and Shanthi Iyer, “Hybrid GaAsSb/GaAs Heterostructure Core-Shell Nanowire/Graphene and Photodetector Application”, ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2, (10), 3109-3120 (2020).
  4. Shisir Devkota, Mehul Parekh, Sean Johnson, Priyanka Ramaswamy, Michael Lowe, Aubrey Penn, Lew Reynolds, and Shanthi Iyer, “A Study of N-doping in Self-Catalyzed GaAsSb Nanowires using GaTe Dopant Source and Ensemble Nanowire Near Infrared Photodetector”, Nanotechnology, 31, 505203(10pp) (2020)
  5. Pokharel, P. Ramaswamy, S. Devkota, M. Parakh, K. Dawkins, A. Penn, M. Cabral, L. Reynolds, and S. Iyer, “Epitaxial High-Yield Intrinsic and Te-doped Dilute Nitride GaAsSbN Nanowire Heterostructure and Ensemble Photodetector Application,” ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2, 2730-2738 (2020) DOI: 10.1021/acsaelm.0c00450.
  6. Parakh, S. Johnson, R. Pokharel, S. Devakota, P. Ramaswamy, J. Li, & S. Iyer, “Space Charge Limited Conduction Mechanism in GaAsSb Nanowire and Effect of In-Situ Annealing in Ultra-High Vacuum”, Nanotechnology, 31, 025205 (2020),

Honors & Awards

  • 2019 Advising Excellence Award (NCA&TSU) for being Advisor to the Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • BEYA 2018 STEM Innovation Award.
  • Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports (Nature Journal)
  • DoD National HBCU/MI Committee Member (2010) to assess HBCU’s participation in their educational and research programs.
  • Outstanding Senior Researcher Award –2006/7 (NCA&TSU and College of Engineering)
  • Excellence in Research in College of Engineering Award-1993 (NCA&TSU).

Classes Taught

  • NANO 702
  • NANO 823
  • NANO 827
  • NANO 852
  • NANO 825

Scholarly & Professional Keywords

Molecular beam epitaxy, photonics, photodetectors, III-V compound semiconductors, and optoelectronic devices