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Tetyana Ignatova

Tetyana Ignatova, Ph.D.

About Professor Ignatova

Curriculum Vitae

PDF Version, March 2018


Dr. Ignatova’s personal research interests and professional training are highly cross-disciplinary, enabling a wide perspective on nano-science in general. Her solid physics backgrounds and extensive research experience in nanotechnology and bioengineering allow her to excel at the cutting edge of applied physics and materials science of low-dimensional nanostructures.

In her group, they work on a number of projects on experimental nanoscience of low-dimensional materials, focusing on physics of biosensing, spectroscopic intra-cellular imaging, and nanofabrication for energy storage. This research is aimed at advancing applications based on 2D layered materials and hybrid DNA-nanotube structures, pushing the limits of nano-characterization and nanofabrication, and exploring nanomaterials for transdisciplinary applications.


In general, it is NANO-OPTO-BIO

Physics of low-dimensional materials

Optical sensing 

Near-field optics


NAN 616 / NAN 700 Principles of Nanoscience I: Physical Foundations

NAN 727 / NAN 603 Principles of Quantum and Solid State Physics

NAN 615 Spectroscopy Methods in Nanoscience

NAN 676-01/NAN 776-01 Current Topics in Nanoscience

NAN 707 Lab Protocols and Practice


NSF RAPID: One-step Express Test for Presymptomatic Detection to Prevent COVID-19 Spread, 2020-2022

2D Crystal Consortium – Materials Innovation Platform (2DCC-MIP), User grant R0062. 2D Heterostructures for Low Power Electronics, 2021

Grant IPG-RFP-2019 Smart Nucleic Acids Nanoassemblies Programmed to Operate in Living Systems, Sponsored by University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), 2019-2021

Grant IPG-RFP-2018 Design of Bio-Inorganic Hydrogels with Nanostructured components, Sponsored by North Carolina State University (NCSU), 2018-2019

UNCG Faculty First Award Microwave Imaging for Nondestructive Characterization of Novel 2D Materials, Summer 2018

2D Crystal Consortium – Materials Innovation Platform (2DCC-MIP) Sample-Only Grant S0016, 2DLMs for Biosensing and Energy Storage Applications, August 18, 2017



Ignatova, T, Pourianejad, S., Li, X., Schmidt, K., Aryeetey, F. , Aravamudhan, S., Rotkin, S. V.  Multidimensional Imaging Reveals Mechanisms Controlling Multimodal Label-Free Biosensing in Vertical 2DM-Heterostructures. ACS Nano, 16, 2, 2598, (2022).

Ayodele, O. O., Pourianejad, S., Trofe, A., Prokofjevs, A., Ignatova, T. . Application of Soxhlet Extractor for Ultra-clean Graphene Transfer. ACS Omega, 7, 8, 7297,( 2022).

Chandrasekar, S., Kuipa, S., Vargas, A., Ignatova, T., Rotkin, S.V., Jedlicka, S.S.  Cell cycle-dependent endocytosis of DNA wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes (DNA-SWCNT) by neural progenitor cells. Biophysical Reports,2, 3, 100061, (2022).

Golovchak, R., Plummer, J., Kovalskiy, A., Holovchak, Yu., Ignatova, T., Nowlin, K., Trofe, A., Shpotyuk, Y., Boussard-Pledel, C., Bureau B. Broadband Photosensitive Medium Based on Amorphous Equichalcogenides. ACS Applied Electronic Materials (just accepted),(2022)


Aryeetey, F., Pourianejad, S., Ayanbajo, O,. Nowlin, K., Ignatova, T., & Aravamudhan, S. Bandgap Recovery of Monolayer MoS2 using Defect Engineering and Chemical Doping. RSC Advances, 11, 20893-20898 (2021)  

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Golovchak, R., Kovalskiy, A., Shpotyuk, Y., Mahlovanyi, B., Ploch, D., Ignatova, T., Kozdras, A., Cebulski, J., and Czopek, S. Remedial insight on ageing of glass through the study of ancient man-made artefacts. Archaeometry, 63: 312–326 (2021) 


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Golovchak, R., Brennan, C., Fletcher, J., Ignatova, T., & Jain, H. Dynamics of structural relaxation in bioactive 45S5 glass. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 32(29), 295401. (2020),


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Pirbhai, M., Chandrasekar, S., Zheng, M., Ignatova, T., Rotkin, S. V., & Jedlicka, S. S. Augmentation of C17. 2 Neural Stem Cell Differentiation via Uptake of Low Concentrations of ssDNAWrapped SingleWalled Carbon Nanotubes. Advanced Biosystems, 3(4), 1800321 (2019).


(Cover Image) Ignatova, T., Chandrasekar, S., Pirbhai, M., Jedlicka, S. S., & Rotkin, S. V. Micro-Raman spectroscopy as an enabling tool for long-term intracellular studies of nanomaterials at nanomolar concentration levels. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5(32), 6536-6545 (2017).


(Invited Speaker) Ignatova, T. ,the 9th Annual Graphene and Beyond Workshop, Penn State University, University Park, PA “Optical nonuniformities in Vertical 2DM-Heterostructures: Multidimensional Imaging” (May 19, 2022).

(Invited Speaker) Ignatova, T., the Novel Optical Materials and Applications (NOMA) Conference, part of the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress 2021,  “Probing Optical Response of 2D Heterostructures across Interface” (July 26, 2021)

(Invited Speaker) Ignatova, T., “Integration of 2D Materials in Van Der Waals Photonic Heterostructures”, the 239th Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting, (May 30, 2021)

 (Invited Speaker) Ignatova, T., Near-Field Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Nanocarbon Hybrid Materials, the 236th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Atlanta, GA,  (October 13-17, 2019)

 (Invited Speaker) Ignatova, T., Long Term Intracellular Study of Carbon Nanomaterials at Ultra-Low Concentrations, the 232nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, National Harbor, MD, (October 1-5, 2017)


Ignatova, A. Balaeff, M. Blades, M. Zheng, P. Stoeck, S. V. Rotkin.Two-color spectroscopy of UV excited ssDNA complex with a single-wall nanotube probe: Fast relaxation by nucleobase autoionization mechanism. Nano Research 9(2), 571-583, (2016)

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Trofe, A., Schmidt, K., Pourianejad, S., Ayodele, O., Ignatova, T.  Raman Mapping Analysis of Graphene Transferred by Multiple Techniques. Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2022).

Averitt, J., Pourianejad, S.,Ayodele, O., Ignatova, T. DFT simulation of polymer(s) on graphene: Polymer conformation and adhesion energy considerations. Bulletin of the American Physical Society  (2022).

Nanocarbons division 3rd place award. Advanced Strain Analysis of Graphene in Van der Waals Heterostructures; Kirby Schmidt, Sajedeh pourianejad, Anthony Trofe, Tetyana Ignatova; ECS 239th; In Proceedings: (021) ECS Meeting Abstracts, p. 646 (2021)

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