nanomaterials: molecular structures and devices

Nanoscience Faculty Research

JSSN portraits taken at JSNN in Greensboro on August 2, 2021.

Suzanne Ahmed.

Dr. Suzanne Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmed’s research interests are in biomimetic, stimuli-responsive nanoscale, and microscale active matter robotics. These systems have wide-ranging applications in biomedicine, oil recovery, and environmental remediation.

Dr. dan J.C. Herr


Herr’s research group focuses on the synthesis of carbon and functional nanotubes, super-absorbent polymers, sustainable hydroponics, self-assembly, and nanoelectronics.

Dr. Jianjun Wei


Dr. Wei’s research group focuses on fundamental aspects of nanoscale systems that advance electrical, optical, and/or magnetic materials and the applications of biosensors, energy, electrocatalysis, and nanomedicine.



Dr. Rabinovich’s research interests are centered on inorganic, bioinorganic, and organometallic chemistry, including the synthesis of single-source molecular precursors to metal chalcogenides and the preparation of silver anticancer drugs.




Dr. Rathnayake’s research program focuses on novel materials synthesis and nanoelectronics. Her group develops organic semiconductors and functionalized nanostructures to harvest solar energy for the production of electricity. They also explore the potential utilization of carbon-based polymeric materials for thermoelectric heat recovery from human body heat. 

Nanoengineering Faculty Research

Dr. Jefferey R. Alston

Assistant Professor

Dr. Alston’s work explores the fundamental aspects of nanotextured surfaces and interfaces and the engineering application of those concepts in aerospace/propulsion systems. His work with surfaces and nanostructures ranges from designing hierachical structures on metal substrates, forming polymer nanoparticles through manipulation of interfacial tension, and engineering the wettability engineering of surfaces directly exposed to rocket nozzle exhaust.

Dr. Lifeng Zhang

Associate Professor

Dr. Zhang’s work explores engineered materials at nanometer scale, environmental and health impacts of engineered and transformed nanomaterials, two-dimensional nanomaterials for flexible electronics, and functionalized additive manufacturing. Highlighted focuses are water treatment, energy storage, sensors, composite materials, and interface at nanomaterials and microorganisms. 

Dr. Shanthi Iyer


Dr. Iyer’s current research interests are in molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth, characterization, and fabrication of GaAsSb(N) nanowire-based infrared photodetectors epitaxially integrated into Si and graphene next-generation photonic devices. This research is cross-disciplinary, encompassing solid-state physics, nanoengineering, and optoelectronic devices.