Computational Nanotechnology


Modeling and simulation of devices, structures, and systems including composite materials, computational biology and material modeling.  

Nanoscience Faculty Research

Dr. Hemali Rathnayake

Associate Professor

Dr. Rathnayake’s research program focuses on novel materials synthesis and nanoelectronics. Her group develops organic semiconductors and functionalized nanostructures to harvest solar energy for the production of electricity. They also explore the potential utilization of carbon-based polymeric materials for thermoelectric heat recovery from human body heat. 

Dr. Joseph M. Starobin


Dr. Starobin’s professional career is devoted to applying theoretical, mathematical, and computational physics methods to cardiovascular research. His research focuses on developing non-invasive and miniature devices for assessing cardiovascular stress in asymptomatic populations, diagnostics of coronary artery disease, and cardiac arrhythmias. He also uses mathematical modeling to investigate cognitive processes and brain memory.

Dr. Yirong mo

Department chair & Professor

Dr. Mo’s research focuses on developing novel theoretical and computational methods and their applications to chemical and biological problems. His work focuses on the development of methodology to probe intra- and intermolecular electron transfer (ET) processes in the gas phase or on surfaces, molecular dynamics simulations, engineering of proteins, and the computational study of enzymatic catalysis.

Nanoengineering Faculty Research

Dr. Ram V. Mohan


Dr. Mohan’s research program includes the mechanical behavior of materials and the computational modeling of nanoengineered systems (crystalline solids, polymer composites, and amorphous and cementitious materials and their multi-scale effects.