Reserve JSIRT Resources

lab equipment and computersThis section provides useful information for prospective, new, and current users of JSIRT Core Facilities. JSNN Core Facility is a shared user facility that provides access to state-of-the-art equipment, specialized services and expert staff at affordable prices. JSNN provides open access to more than 100 fabrication, imaging, characterization, biological, analytical chemistry and computational tools, which are housed in our 105,000 square foot interdisciplinary research facility. Our technical staff members maintain equipment, train users, and perform a variety of service/remote jobs, including development of new processes and characterization methods.

JSNN also provides an ideal teaming environment to facilitate interdisciplinary research in the core areas of our expertise, namely nanomaterials and soft matter, nanoelectronics and bioelectronics, nanomedicine and synthetic biology, and energy and computational nanotechnology.

How to Reserve Resources

The Joint School’s Institute for Research Technologies (JSIRT) members can reserve instrumentation and labs through Facility Online Manager (FOM).  Please contact for creation of a FOM account and to submit the necessary documentation.

Access Facility Online Manager (FOM)

Resources Available for Reservation

Click the Full Equipment Listing linked below to search for specific available instrumentation.  Rates are subject to change.  The service rate (staff labor) is $100 per hour for external for-profit organizations (industry) and $50 per hour for internal and external non-profit organizations (academic/government).  All charges for service and for instrumentation are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Full Equipment Listing