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Sustainable Chemistry at the JSNN

Porous materials such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have a variety of applications, including the preparation of ion exchange resins, gas separation agents, and catalysts for the oil industry.  In a new research project developed entirely at the JSNN, Associate Professor of Nanoscience Hemali Rathnayake and coworkers have prepared and fully characterized a novel thermally and chemically stable coordination polymer derived from iron(II) ions and tannic acid, a readily available natural polyphenol (Sustain. Chem. 20223, 192-204).  Significantly, the new bioinspired material has been used to extract toxic lead(II) ions from aqueous solutions with a 99% removal efficiency, a result that was recognized on the cover of the most recent issue of the aforementioned peer-reviewed journal.  Congratulations, Prof. Rathnayake, and keep up the good work!