experiment in progressJSNN is continually working on exciting, leading-edge research projects in the nanoscience field. JSNN has six research focus areas:

  • Nanobiology uses engineered nanomaterials to enable diagnosis, imaging and therapy.
  • Nanometrology is developing fundamental understanding of materials through characterization of nanoscale phenomena and investigating them for novel applications.
  • Nanomaterials (with a special emphasis on nanocomposite materials), focuses on synthesis, processing, manufacturing, and characterization of nanostructure.

man at microscope

  • Nanobioelectronics leverages nanoelectronics techniques in new functional application areas beyond CMOS technology exploring a range of emerging technologies, from personal medical diagnostics to bio-signal propagation and optoelectronics.
  • Nanoenergy explores leading-edge knowledge gaps associated with energy harvesting, scavenging, and storage.
  • Computational nanotechnology modeling and simulation of devices, structures, and systems, including composite materials, computational biology, and materials modeling.

Current Research Projects

Interested in our latest research, or looking to partner with us on a project? Here’s what we’re currently working on.