Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology: faculty and their research

Nanoscience Faculty Research


Dr. Eric Josephs

Assistant Professor

The Josephs lab incorporates ideas and approaches from molecular bioengineering and molecular biophysics to address critical challenges related to DNA damage repair, genetic engineering, somatic genetic disease, and the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

Dr. dennis lajeuenesse


LaJeunesse’s research group focuses on biomimetic nanostructured materials and understanding the interactions of living systems with materials at the nanoscale, including the structural and functional properties of biomaterials, mitochondrial morphology, and muscle structure.

Nanoengineering Faculty Research

Dr. shyam aravamudhan

Associate Professor & director of jsnn core facilities

Dr. Aravamudhan’s interests lie at the intersection of micro/nanotechnology and life sciences.  Research area focuses on nanobioelectronic systems for disease diagnostics and regenerative engineering, and the environmental & health impacts of engineered nanomaterials.

Dr. KRISten dellinger

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dellinger’s research interests lie in the application of engineering and materials to biology and medicine. Her lab focuses on fabricating novel nanomaterials for various therapeutic and diagnostic needs and developing technologies for live-cell imaging and fundamental research in molecular biology.

Dr. reza zadegan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zadegan commits to blurring the lines between disciplines, people, expertise, and socioeconomic status in academia. His research team focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nuclei acid-based materials applicable in personalized medicine, memory, nanoengineering, and bioengineering.