Nanoscience Open House

Nanoscience Hybrid Open House Saturdays Spring 2023


The Nanoscience Department at JSNN provides a graduate-level transdisciplinary educational and discovery research experience in nanosciences, sustainable nanosystems, innovation, and community-engaged outreach. Scientists in this field seek to comprehend, gather and organize knowledge of the nanoscale universe through careful observations and creative, visionary thinking.

Certficate Programs

Consisting of 4 courses (12 credits) providing a solid conceptual foundation in Nanoscience.

Master's Programs

Competitive program offers various thesis and non-thesis options with select concentrations following the Professional Science Master's degree model.

Doctorate Programs

Competitive program that offers 2 concentrations with multifaceted research programs or project areas.

Funding Opportunities available!

JSNN Open House Schedule

Please join us for an experience learn more about JSNN and the Department of Nanoscience.

Meet the faculty and learn about their research!

Nanoscience Virtual Open House SATURDAYS Spring 2023