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Congratulations JSNN 2020 Graduates

To the Class of 2020 – Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future!


Parth Desai, M.S., Nanoscience (Spring)

Amanda Matherly, M.S., Nanoscience (Spring)

Mary Beth Morgan, M.S., Nanoscience (Spring)

Jenni Schultz, M.S., Nanoscience (Spring)

Dallas Kesler, M.S., Nanoscience (Fall)

Whitney Moorman, M.S., Nanoscience (Fall)

Durga Arvapalli, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Spring)

Zuowei Ji, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Spring)

Alex Sheardy, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Spring)

Ali Shiave, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Spring)

Ryan Yarbrough, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Spring)

Sheeba Dawood, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Summer)

Venkatesh Kollu, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Fall)

Lakshmi Beeravalli, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Fall)

Matthew Craps, Ph.D., Nanoscience (Fall)


Md Al Amin, M.S., Nanoengineering (Spring)

Nirmalay Barua, M.S., Nanoengineering (Summer)

Kingsford Asare, M.S., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Kendall Dawkins, M.S., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Shashwata Chakraboty, M.S., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Qassim Dirar, Ph.D., Nanoengineering (Spring)

Nafeezuddin Mohammad, Ph.D., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Atul Rawal, Ph.D., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Sahil Tahiliani, Ph.D., Nanoengineering (Fall)

Sharmista Prattipati, Ph.D., Nanoengineering (Fall)

2020 JSNN Graduates will be heading to the following Industrial and Academic institutions: